Installation and Usage

  1. Download binary distribution from

  2. Unpack the ZIP archive into some directory.

  3. Use provided jnvdl.bat batch file for invoking JNVDL. The easiest way to run NVDL validation is to use command

    jnvdl -s schema.nvdl document.xml

You will need Java 1.5 to run JNVDL. The whole application is written in pure Java, so you can run it on any Java enabled system. You can look inside jnvdl.bat to see which files must be on the classpath in order to run JNVDL.

MSV or Xerces?

By default JNVDL dispatches requests for validation to MSV. But validation of particular schema language can be directed to other validator if necessary. This configuration can be controlled using Java properties. File jnvdl-xerces.bat shows how to use Xerces for WXS validation. This can be very useful change as MSV doesn't support all WXS features.

Getting help and helping to improve JNVDL

If you have questions related to JNVDL, please use JNVDL mailing list. If you found bug in JNVDL, please file it as a bug. Do not forget to attach all files necessary for reproducing the bug – namely NVDL script, XML document and all schemas referenced from NVDL.

NVDL implements JAXP 1.3 validation API, so it is very easy to use it in your own Java programs. JNVDL is released under BSD-like license, you can find full source code inside CVS repository.